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I am happy you have visited this site. The site is created with the view of expansion of scientific cooperation, free exchange of the scientific information, all-round and disinterested aid to colleagues, young scientists and students. Our dialogue in the Internet which is a global network is set forth.

Society and education are inseparable. This is proved by the fact that any global changes which the society and civilization face inevitably have an impact on the situation in the sphere of education.

The Russian model of education which has been recognized as first class in the world is based on two principles. Firstly, the Russian education has always been influenced by profound fundamental science. Science is part of education; moreover, it is its foundation. Secondly, there is a principle of individual approach in training. This is a distinguishing feature of the educational activities at Syktyvkar Forest Institute (SFI).

Today more energetic work is being done on updating the higher education. A number of innovations are being implemented: formation of various (both by form and contents) university educational districts and complexes, associations of several educational formations,; transition to a new competitive system of distribution of the target state order to train specialists; introduction of information technologies into education, introduction of a uniform graduation examination; Russias joining the Bolon conventions on higher education.

However, all higher education of modern Russia has a problem of "brain drain". There is a mass transition from educational establishments into commercial structures and emigration of the young, qualified and capable teachers, result in the fact that the teaching personnel of the higher school is getting older and older.

It is necessary to draw the public attention to a very significant problem: what way should the system of education develop? Today it is more important to reflect on what problems the educational system should solve than discuss some particular aspects.

I invite you to take part in the discussion of above given questions concerning the reform of education, problems of science, projects, cooperation, events.

I sincerely hope that you can find materials which interest you which are open for access and use here on the site.

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